Meet ACCESO Amiga: Élise

During our 25th Anniversary celebration, we are introducing you to the former and current members of the ACCESO Amigos Club through which events are held to create an atmosphere of international friendship and education among elementary-aged children and are co-facilitated by youth volunteers. This month meet Élise, a former Amigos Club participant who has grown into a happy volunteer, energetic Trivia Night runner and kitchen helper.

To me, ACCESO is a selfless organisation that helps kids get an education. Not only that, it’s also a group where you can enjoy working with friends and have fun. In past years, I always enjoyed being at the Trivia Nights, because I would get to see how hard people work and how many generous people donate to this cause, knowing somewhere in Latin America, a kid would get an education and a chance to learn.

My experience as an Amiga so far has been pretty fun and a good thing to be a part of. I got to volunteer at Game Nights, which were made to raise money for the Access to Education cause. I really enjoy doing it, because who doesn’t want to hand out M&M’s, count pizza slices and stay up past your bedtime? I’ve also been able to run around collecting bid sheets during auctions, at events like Trivia Night and Sounds & Tastes. I also had fun selling chocolate, hot cocoa, sugar and more with my friend Joël, my sister Claire and a couple of other people, because yet again, I get to stay up late! But joking aside, being an Amiga is such a great experience because I get to enjoy volunteering while helping kids get an education they deserve.