Meet ACCESO Amiga: Olivia

During our 25th Anniversary celebration, we are introducing you to the former and current members of the ACCESO Amigos Club through which events are held to create an atmosphere of international friendship and education among elementary-aged children and are co-facilitated by youth volunteers. This month, meet Olivia, a former Amigos Club member who was a frequent youth helper at the Sounds & Tastes of the Americas whose cheerfulness and thoughtfulness were always much appreciated by guests and fellow volunteers.

I first became involved with ACCESO early on in elementary school through their Amigos Club and continued to volunteer as a teenager and young adult at events such as the Sounds and Tastes of the Americas.

As one of our neighbours, Christine invited us to Amigos club, which was such a fun way to be introduced to ACCESO. Through enjoyable activities, guest speakers, food, and music, I learned about cultures that were different from my own and the work that ACCESO was doing to provide opportunities for education throughout Latin America and Canada.

Later on, as a server at the Sounds and Tastes of the Americas event, I was able to meet the hardworking volunteers behind this organization. It’s been so exciting to work alongside a diverse group of people who are committed to changing lives through education. What is even more incredible is that this organization is completely volunteer-run, focused on delivering donations directly to their programs.

I look forward to many more years of volunteering with ACCESO!