• ACCESO Project Feature: Bolivia
    This month features Bolivia, where in 2001 ACCESO supported the Centro Integral WARMI to provide educational and employment opportunities. Come hear from five former students who share their dreams and accomplishments.
  • Meet ACCESO Donor: Sandra
    This month, meet Sandra, our recent Easter Basket draw winner and maker of delicious Bolivian salteñas, and learn why she continues to donate to ACCESO International.
  • Meet ACCESO Volunteer: Betsy
    This month we meet Betsy, a long-time volunteer with ACCESO since serendipitously meeting Christine on a bus from the airport in 2004. Betsy recounts her travels to Bolivia to hear from women participating in human rights training funded by ACCESO.
  • Meet ACCESO Amigo: Joël
    This month, meet Joël, a former Amigos Club participant who is an enthusiastic volunteer, whose Camino fundraising sales are renowned, and whose school visits are unforgettable.
  • ACCESO Project Feature: Mexico
    This month features Mexico, where we began assisting schools and extra-curricular programs in 2000. Come learn how ACCESO supported social change among children and youth.
  • Meet ACCESO Volunteer: Nora
    This month we meet Nora, a former teacher and dedicated volunteer with ACCESO since retiring over ten years ago. Nora currently sits on ACCESO’s Board of Directors and 25th anniversary committee where she is a passionate advocate for access to education for all.