• ACCESO Project Feature: Nicaragua
    This month features Nicaragua, where ACCESO supported “Fundación Escuela Para Todos” – a “School for All”, that provided post-secondary computer training to marginalized individuals in Managua.
  • Meet ACCESO Volunteer: Kim
    This month we meet Kim, who joined ACCESO as a volunteer and board member after volunteering in Latin America to introduce computers into unelectrified rural schools.
  • Meet ACCESO Amiga: Claire
    This month meet Claire, a former Amigos Club participant who enjoys volunteering and selling Fair Trade products at ACCESO events.
  • ACCESO Project Feature: Canada
    This month we feature ACCESO’s Back-to-School Project in Canada. Since 2003, ACCESO has provided educational materials, including backpacks, for low-income and immigrant families in the Ottawa area.
  • Meet ACCESO Volunteer: Karen
    This month, we meet Karen, a volunteer passionate about the power of education who currently organizes ACCESO’s Back-to-School Project.
  • Meet ACCESO Amiga: Riley
    This month meet Riley, who is nine years old. Riley has helped prepare hygiene kits for the Back-to-School Project.