• ACCESO Project Feature: Mexico
    This month features Mexico, where we began assisting schools and extra-curricular programs in 2000. Come learn how ACCESO supported social change among children and youth.
  • Meet ACCESO Volunteer: Nora
    This month we meet Nora, a former teacher and dedicated volunteer with ACCESO since retiring over ten years ago. Nora currently sits on ACCESO’s Board of Directors and 25th anniversary committee where she is a passionate advocate for access to education for all.
  • Meet ACCESO Amiga: Kayla
    This month, meet Kayla, a former Amigos Club member and leader who has become a dedicated volunteer and an enthusiastic member of our 25th Anniversary committee.
  • ACCESO Project Feature: Peru
    This month features Peru, where ACCESO first became involved by providing post-secondary bursaries starting in 1998. Come learn how ACCESO has touched the lives of three former students.
  • Meet ACCESO Volunteer: Olga
    This month we meet Olga, a very caring Peruvian-born volunteer and proud Canadian who has contributed enthusiastically to our Amigos Club and Sounds & Tastes of the Americas events over many years.
  • Meet ACCESO Amiga: Chelsey
    This month, please meet Chelsey, a former Amigos Club youth leader who has been participating in ACCESO International events since she was in a stroller and who visited preschools in Peru in 2014.