Meet ACCESO Amiga: Claire

During our 25th Anniversary celebration, we are introducing you to the former and current members of the ACCESO Amigos Club through which events are held to create an atmosphere of international friendship and education among elementary-aged children and are co-facilitated by youth volunteers. This month meet Claire, a former Amigos Club participant who enjoys volunteering and selling Fair Trade products at ACCESO events.

ACCESO is an organization focused on helping kids in Latin America get a good education. Through events like the Sounds and Tastes and Trivia Nights, the money we raise is used to provide them with supplies and other things. As a volunteer and Amiga, I had the fun job of helping out at those events by selling Fair Trade products.

Not only do those occasions help us raise money, we also get to know and learn about a new culture. For example, at the Sounds and Tastes, you can try various local dishes and watch people dance. Some of the ACCESO volunteers even have the lucky opportunity to travel down South and visit those communities. It’s the best place to practice some Spanish and learn new things.

As an Amiga, my job is helping Élise and other kids around my age at the events, like I mentioned before. Even doing smaller volunteer work makes a difference. ACCESO is a great group of people and I’m glad to be a part of it.