Even though our online auction has ended, there’s still time to buy a holiday bag of fair trade and organic Camino products to help us reach our 25th anniversary fundraising goal of $25,000!

Your purchase will support ACCESO’s projects in Canada, Latin America and the Carribean.

Fair Trade Baking Ingredients
Large Bag

Almost everything you need for your holiday baking! This bag includes: golden cane sugar, natural cocoa powder, semi-sweet chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and bittersweet baking chocolate. All are Fair Trade from La Siembra Camino.

Fair Trade Baking Ingredients
Small Bag

This gift bag has a few key items for your holiday baking: golden cane sugar, natural cocoa powder, and semi-sweet chocolate chips by La Siembra Camino.

Fair Trade Dark Chocolate

A holiday bag featuring Camino dark chocolate: Simply Dark hot chocolate powder, a 55% dark chocolate bar, and a 55% dark chocolate bar with almonds and sea salt. All products in this bag are vegan.

Fair Trade Milk Chocolate

Fair Trade milk chocolate by Camino: milk hot chocolate powder, a milk chocolate bar, and a milk chocolate bar with sea salt.

Fair Trade Coffee and Tea

This bag features drinks to keep you warm this holiday season: Breakfast Blend whole bean coffee, French Roast whole bean coffee, English Breakfast tea, and Green tea. All selections are by Equal Exchange.

Holiday bags are available for purchase until December 4th. Deliveries will be made on Dec 11th with a snow date of Dec 12th.

Please provide a phone number with your order so we can call you to confirm your payment method. Do not include any payment information by email. Thank you!