Meet ACCESO Amigo: Nicolas

During our 25th Anniversary celebration, we are introducing you to the former and current members of the ACCESO Amigos Club through which events are held to create an atmosphere of international friendship and education among elementary-aged children and are co-facilitated by youth volunteers. This month meet Nicolas, a friendly and generous former Amigos Club member whose dedication to children’s education and empowerment and to their right to communicate is exemplary.  

ACCESO has been a constant in my life. I’m grateful for the early life opportunities to participate in the Amigos Club and ACCESO, a unique experience that I hope many children can enjoy. Taking time to reflect on my relationship with ACCESO has been astonishing because it has impacted me on many levels. Fundraising at garage sales and car washes, Sounds & Tastes events, tagging along with my mom and other volunteers to the Dominican Republic, and helping to prepare backpacks for new students stand out in my mind. ACCESO and Amigos Club activities empower volunteers of any age to have an impact both locally and globally. Congratulations to ACCESO for 25 years of amazing work. I’m excited to see what will be accomplished over the next 25!