Meet ACCESO Donor: Sandra

In our latest 25th Anniversary celebration feature, we meet some of ACCESO’s generous supporters and donors and learn why supporting ACCESO is important to them. This month, meet Sandra, who recently won ACCESO’s Easter basket draw of Camino products. She has also helped prepare delicious salteñas (a deliciously savoury Bolivian pastry) for past “Sounds and Tastes of the Americas” events. Thanks Sandra for your contributions, which help enable greater access to education!

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Twenty years ago I met Christine in Ottawa. At that time I didn’t have a job and she supported me by buying my salteñas for the ACCESO fundraising event “Sounds and Tastes of the Americas”. Now that I have a stable job as an Educational Assistant, I can give back to ACCESO knowing that the funds will go directly to projects in my beloved home country Bolivia.