ACCESO Project Feature: Peru

We began to provide post-secondary bursaries in Peru in 1998 with the aim of supporting an under-resourced level of education among state-based programs and international development projects at that time.

Since then, in addition to assisting with the post-earthquake reconstruction and supply replenishment of 24 preschools and a primary school, as well as with health education workshops over the years, our primary support in Peru has remained at the university level among students from the Chincha Alta region who have benefited from financial support that has defrayed the costs of tuition, transportation, books, supplies, accommodations and accreditation. Since 1998, 15 bursary recipients have studied at various universities and institutes in Lima, Ica and Chincha and they have obtained degrees in the fields of architecture, business administration, education, engineering, international business, medical technology, nursing, and nutrition.

To mark our 25th Anniversary celebration, three former students, who are now working professionally in Peru, expressed their gratitude for our support and its long-term benefits:

Having a university degree in International Business Administration has enabled me to obtain stable employment, to help my family and to maintain the courage and perseverance to study at the master’s level in Supply Chain Management so that I can continue to improve professionally.

I feel grateful for ACCESO International’s financial assistance that allowed me to complete my university career and for Christine’s emotional support as she listened, demonstrated concern for my studies and inspired me to believe in the value of education in order to acquire knowledge, to develop my abilities and to recognize it as the source through which I could achieve greater financial stability in the future.


I am the fourth sibling in a family of six children. Due to my family’s financial situation … receiving support from ACCESO International’s educational assistance program meant that I was able to realize my dream of becoming a professional.

I graduated as a Mechatronic Engineer in 2004 and since then, my life and that of my family has changed. I have managed to successfully develop my career in the field of industrial mining in Peru and internationally.

I am grateful to ACCESO International for its help. I hope that ACCESO continues to support many more young people who dream of becoming professionals, youth who have the abilities but cannot develop them due to financial constraints. I conclude by noting that “without education, there is no progress.”


From the time I started studying in university in 1998, ACCESO’s help has been an important part of my professional development. I have been working for 18 years as a nutritionist and my employment has enabled me to have a successful career, to achieve my goals and to help my family.

I feel fortunate to be part of the ACCESO family as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. Despite the time and the distance, we have maintained contact and we’ve been united in friendship. I hope that more youth will be able to be part of this great project.

Happy Anniversary!